Partners with Dark Seamoss Ltd. of Vieux Fort St. Lucia

Tamtambora Bev Inc. of Stone Mountain Ga. USA and Dark Seamoss Ltd of Vieux Fort St.Lucia strive to improve the lives and health of people by providing a suite of superior products. Our products include Tamtambora's golden sea moss powder, dried ocean farmed organic golden, green and purple sea moss, Rainforest's handmade gourmet  granola: organic St. Lucian breadfruit and organic St. Lucian sweet potato; The Micoud chocolatiers  line of handmade gourmet chocolate products made from cocoa beans  sourced exclusively  from cocoa plantations limited  to the  Micoud area of St. Lucia : instant chocolate cubes, chocolate powder infused with a blend of  hand picked spices indigenous to St. Lucia such as their nutmeg ,cloves and more. Through enhanced quality and convenience, we aim to make it easy for people to access these products and improve the quality and length of their lives. We want to revolutionize the way people consume healthy foods and improve lives across the world. So don't wait anymore and contact us at ""