Anthony Hernandez-wallen
President of TamTambora Bev Inc.

In 2003, Anthony Hernandez-Wallen developed a line of delicious tasting smoothies, including his famous Mango smoothie at his restaurant The Roti Place on Lake Pine Lake. His drinks were very popular with his customers for many years and in 2014, he formulated a line of smoothies that were sea moss infused. His products were shelf stable for two years, and contained no preservatives, additives, or dairy, with all-natural and organic ingredients. Each flavor boasted five or fewer ingredients. TamTambora was the first company to have successfully formulated a sea moss based product to include those attributes, with the capability to produce 30 trailer loads per month. In 2016, his mango sea moss based smoothie was approved for sale in the People’s Republic of China.

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