Golden Ocean Farmed St. Lucian Sea Moss

Golden Ocean Farmed St. Lucian Sea Moss

Tamtambora's Sea Moss:
St. Lucian Sea moss

The waters off the coast of St. Lucia is so clean that the ocean farmed St. Lucian Seamoss (Eucheuma Cottonii) has little or no grit, sand or dirt clinging to it. It has only to be rinsed off twice in spring or alkaline water and it’s ready for use. St . Lucian Sea Moss is the gold standard in the Sea Moss and plant “kingdom”as it contains 102 nutrients of 105 the body needs “THAT’S POWER !!!.

It's easy to prepare

  •  is tasteless
  •  improves the viscosity of smoothies
  •  It enhances the flavor of your morning coffees, juices, cereals et al

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